Mohsen Chavoshi's Wiki of Products


What is a wiki? How WikiChavoshi does work? Can anybody cooperate to complete the articles? How to create a new article (artist, album or track)? How to edit the articles? What is a locked article? How to edit a locked article? How to link to the other articles within a typical article? How to translate an article? Why are the translated forms are more restricted then the Persian forms, in view of the information? How to edit an English article? Why is the site’s English part not as completed as the Persian part? How can I find out whether my rating has been submitted or not? Why has not applied any change to the overall album score, whereas my rating has been submitted? I can’t rate an aspect of the track, for example, I’ve no idea about the rating for mix and mastering. Am I supposed to compose a random score? If I do rate one part, e.g. songwriter, will its score be decreased from the overall average? Why is not there the download link for some tracks and albums?