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Please study the rules and commitments of WikiChavoshi from here, before inserting any information.

Please pay attention to here to acquire better idea about the correct declaration in Persian language.

You can insert the title, link, the other pages of the site and even musical signs into the lyric of a song by the illustrated structures in “about the artist”, ‘album explanations’, ‘song lyric’ and ‘track explanations’.

Title insertion into the text: == title ==

Adding link to technical glossary: [[target term]]

Adding link to artist: {{target artist}}

Adding link to a track: (#target track#)

Adding link to album: ((target album))

Adding musical sign to the lyric’s body: ***

The vocalist’s repetitions within the performance must not be considered for writing the lyric. For example, in the end of Yousef track, below part will be diminished, gradually and also be heard sharp, once. So, it must be mentioned just once within the lyric. Of course, this verse has been used in the lyric, twice and the repetition will be taken into account about the successive cases.


Please use the suggesting options by the website, as you insert any information about the tracks. System will suggest you some artists, as soon as you type either an album’s title or artists of that track. If no suggestion has been presented, you would not be able to use that artist or album within the related information to that track. To do so, you must have constructed the album or the artist before considering the target form. The aforesaid points should be taken into account within the translation section, too.

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