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Term of Use

  • Activities of WikiChavoshi are based on the defined rules by Iranian government and obey glorious Iranian culture.
  • Circulation of the any subject or content according to the criminal computer laws is prohibited
  • Circulation of the any subject or content according to the criminal computer laws is prohibited.
  • Personal information of the users, including name, email and the password (even though presenting most of them is not mandatory), will never be both released in any part of the website and shown to the others.
  • Users’ email addresses would be, merely, used for communicating with the website and notifying the news. No advertisements will be sent to the users by the presented email addresses.
  • Users must collaborate in completing and correcting the content of the website, truthfully, and abstain from border and untrue subjects. Of course, the wrong entered information within the wiki will be corrected by the other users’ attention, due to the fact that wikis are constructed to provide and correct documents, based on the general knowledge. Therefore, there is no problem with the unintentional entered wrong information, fundamentally.
  • The translation section of the website has no difference with the Persian section, in view of the structure. Actually, the English texts are the translation of the Persian content; So, one could assert that the English translated text just could be entered, if a Persian text has been, already, taken into account.
  • The authorized advertisements to be presented in this website must be related to the domain of the art, music and similar concepts. The website will not consider the miscellaneous advertising.
  • The links within the advertisements must be approved by the rules of Iranian government.
  • WikiChavoshi has no responsibility about the quality and credibility of the advertisements and the its owner would be the mere responsible person about the aforementioned stuffs.
  • Counting the votes would done based on a daily schedule. So, the results after voting for a track could be applied less than a day.
  • WikiChavoshi does reserve the right to change the policies and the users shall obey those laws, completely.

We are considerably glad to see you as a member of the WikiChavoshi.